WELCOME TO THE SPARTAN TEAM Welcome to the greatest & oldest sport! Wrestling will become a lifestyle for many wrestlers and their families. Anyone planning on wrestling for Jr Spartans 2019/20 season will need to fill out the attached registration documents; and bring them to your first practice. I will be there to collect paperwork and answer any questions you may have. Starting any new sport can be confusing, so if you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime.
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We are looking forward to a wonderful season! Scott Byers

2019-2020 SPJR Competition Schedule
PRACTICE TUESDAY & THURSDAYS South Paulding High School - 6:30-8:30 PM
South Paulding High School
1364 Winn Rd, Douglasville 30134
Every wrestler needs to purchase wrestling shoes, this can be done at Academy sports.
Head gear can be purchased through the team at a later date.
The link to order the required wrestling uniform package will be sent out after registration is complete.
All that your wrestler will need to start practicing is wrestling shoes, shorts, jogging pants, t shirt and hoodie.

New! All wrestlers, unless you are a previous year spartan wrestler, must be districted to future attend South Paulding High School.
Registration begins Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.
Regsitration will be held at South Paulding High School in the wrestling room from 6:30 to 7:30 PM every Tuesday and Thursday through December 5th.
Bring the forms included here to the sign ups along with
Check(s) made out to SP Junior Spartan Wrestling.

Registration costs:
$75.00 registration fee (includes a team T-shirt)
$150.00 deposit check; will be returned at the end of the season to families who worked our SP wrestling tournament.
Current USA Card LINK

Registration Documents
All 3 documents below need to be completely filled out.
Please bring them, USA Card, Deposit check, Registration check & a copy of your child's birth certificate to your 1st practice.

  • Document 1 - Registration forms for each child that you are signing up.
  • Document 2 - One Parent contract signed will be fine for multiple kids.
  • Document 3 - One Deposit Agreement signed will be fine for multiple kids.
  • A check for the registration fee or fees if more than one child (one check is fine for multiple kids)
  • A deposit check for the SP tournaments ( to be destroyed if they work the SP tournament)
  • A copy of their USA Card that has been renewed or purchased.
  • A copy (no originals) of their birth certificate unless we already have one from last year.



We practice & coach Folk Style Wrestling. The season is Nov through the First of March. Tournaments are typically on Saturdays. These events are open to wrestlers that are 14 & younger and not yet enrolled in High School (9th-12th gr) Typically called Open Tournaments, they can be open to all wrestlers regardless of years of experience. There can also be beginners events open to only 1st or 2nd year wrestlers.
Knowing your wrestlers age/weight division is a MUST for wrestling parents. All wrestlers must weigh in before tournaments and be at or below their registered weight.
Here is the link to look at this years weight classes in age divisions, Please remember when looking at this link that we wrestle Folkstyle only in season. Freestyle and Greco are off season styles.

Resources for New Parents

Ok, your child came home today with a flyer and says he/she wants to try wrestling. All you can think of is what you have seen on TV, chairs, ladders and lots of drama and weird costumes. If the thought of this scares you, please understand, this is not the wrestling you watch on TV, it is scholastic wrestling. Youth & high school wrestling does not take place in the ring or cage. Please take comfort; youth & high school wrestling are very different from the professional wrestlers on Saturday television.

Youth & High school wrestling is more like the wrestling you see on television when you watch the Olympics. It is an actual sport, and not just entertainment designed for high ratings. Youth & HS wrestling use mats, but do not have a ring. Wrestlers wear what is called a singlet and use safety gear such as head gear, knee pads & wrestling shoes. Despite what you may think, wrestling is safer than many other sports and activities. According to a Loyola University Study based on 2005 data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most dangerous sport is Basketball. The remaining 9 were Bicycling, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Skateboarding, Trampoline, Softball, Swimming & Diving & Horseback Riding.

In some regions of the country, wrestling is part of the culture, your father, grandfathers, brothers all wrestled, but in Georgia that is not always the case. In a majority of the cases, the youth wrestler is the first one in their family to try the sport. Many parents fear their wrestler will be thrown around, like they have watched on TV. This is not the case, in reality violent actions are not allowed. Wrestling & being a wrestler involves hard work, dedication, determination, and a high degree of physical training and commitment.

Wrestling is an aggressive sport that requires skill, strategy, and strength. It does not promote violence, or aggressive behavior outside of the wrestling match. Wrestling is often referred to as an "individual" sport, but also has a team aspect. Each wrestler must win or lose on his own, but in many competitions the winning wrestler is awarded points based on winning and how he/she won and Teams compete against each other. Sometimes a wrestler just not getting pinned can be the difference in their team winning or losing a dual or tournament. All sports are getting more and more competitive and many believe the earlier you can get your child into a sport, the better off they will be in high school. If your wrestler is in High school it is NOT too late to begin a wrestling career. There are many success stories about NCAA All Americans and Olympic Medalists that only started in high school. Wrestling is definitely a sport that you get out what you put in. Good luck and hope to see you on the mats!

Here are six links to look at:
Team Georgia Tournament Info Links
Team GA Beginner Tournaments Standards
Youth Wrestling Guide for Parents
Basic Wrestling Information
Essential items to bring to a wrestling tournament
Competition Day Nutrition

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