FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes

When I was seventeen years old I went with my football team to Roswell Street Baptist Church to hear Nelson Price preach at an FCA Rally.  While I was there I felt God call me to Him.  I gave my life to Christ that night and have never looked back.  Christ would have led me to Him sooner or later, but thanks to FCA it wasn’t later…Scott Byers.

For years supported providing an avenue studying God's word while your child is learning how to wrestle. In recent years we began having FCA come on board with us. FCA has reached thousands of young athletes and reached out to thousands of their parents. FCA is a ministry that is very well organized and does not pressure an individual in uncomfortable ways. They have agreed again to help us by providing us with guest speakers each month throughout the season. We may have GOD'S WARRIORS come out once more this year. Please come join us, it could change your life and the lives of your children.

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