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Our Mission Statement For every coach on this team, our goal is simple. We are to develop young athletes into skillful wrestlers that can compete on every level and prepare them for a successful high school career. If we manage to instill courage, independence, confidence, respect, & integrity along the way that leads to them being better men, well, that would be alright too!

Founder & President, Scott Byers
Achievements Become a Champion
Our 2007-2015 South Paulding Junior and Middle School Wrestling Record

Since we began in 2006, we have continually climbed to the top of the wrestling categories for Georgia. We have been fortunate enough to have many great wrestlers and coaches come through our doors. We have had great parents grace us with hard work and dedication during that time. Here is a loose recap of our work together:

As a Team (Georgia has 100+ teams annually):
2006 -2007 Finished 25th as a team in our first year
2007- 2008 Finished 15th
2008 -2009 Finished 4th (6U 1st, 10u 3rd)
2009-2010 Finished 2nd (6u 2nd, 8u 3rd, 10U 2nd, 12U 5th & 14U 11th)
2010-2011 Finished 2nd, (6u 2nd, 8u 2nd, 10U 4th, 12U 3rd & 14U 6th), Placed 4th in MS Duals
2011-2012 WON THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (6u 1st, 8u 3rd, 10U 1st, 12U 3rd & 14U 3rd), WON 1st USA Division of MS Duals
2012-2013 Finished 2nd, (6u 1st, 8u 5th, 10U , 12U 5th & 14U 14th), WON 1st USA division of MS Duals
2013-2014 Finished 6th (out of 150 teams), placed 4th USA division of MS Duals
2014-2015 Finished 2nd (out of 112 teams), placed 2nd in the USA MS Duals

As a Middle School Duals Team:
2010-2011Placed 2nd in USA Division State Duals / Placed 4th Overall
2011-2012 Placed 1st in USA Division State Duals/ Placed 2nd Overall
2012-2013 Placed 1st in USA Division State Duals/ Placed 2nd Overall
2013-2014 Placed 4th in USA Division State Duals/ Placed 8th Overall
2014-2105 Placed 2nd in USA State Duals

25 State Champions
86 State Placers

Overall Accomplishments - Individually from 2006-2013
  • T.J. Beaird 2nd, Cody Cochran 3rd, Brad Earl 3rd, Noah Isley 3rd, Chase Keller 3rd, Zach Powers 3rd & Jacob Sledge 3rd.
  • Hunter Davis & Caleb Greer finished 2nd, Hunter Dunlop & Merek Mosely finished 3rd, Jake Blue & Jacob Sledge 4th.
  • Champions...Cody Rowland and Jaxon Smith,
  • 2nd - Dustin Byers , Maverick Herring, Noah Isley, Jacob Lill, Austin Seymour, Justice Sidwell,
  • 3rd - Collin Greer, Caleb Greer & Sonny Smith
  • 4th - Cody Cochran,Jeffery Gaines, Trevor Hoggard, & Draven Smith
  • Champions...Cole Cochran, Jaxon Smith, Andrew Voiles, Nick Voiles & Nick Zoeller
  • 2nd - Dustin Byers, Bradley Bitting, Westin Gann, Caleb Greer, Wyatt Johnson, Jacob Lill, Jacob Sledge & Max Wohlabaugh
  • 3rd - Nicholas Akery & Collin Greer
  • 4th - Jacob Seymour & Jordin Wardlaw
  • Champions...Jaxon Smith, Jacob Lively, Noah Isley & Jacob Lill
  • 2nd - Cole Cochran, Cody Cochran, Stone Richardson, Wyatt Johnson
  • 3rd - Avery Fielder, Bryce Wardlaw, Jackson Painter, Maverick Herring, Jake McTyre, Jacob Sledge
  • 4th - Dustin Byers and Collin Greer
  • Champions... Hunter Daniel, Ryan Seymour, Cole Cochran, Elias Ferguson, Noah Isley, Jacob Lill, Josh Robinson
  • 2nd - Jacob Lively, Cody Cochran, Michael Farmer
  • 3rd - Jacob Seymour, Austin Seymour, Kendall Bragg , Jared Knight & Jordin Wardlaw
  • 4th - Dustin Byers, Rylan Oetting, Bailey Johnson, Jesse DeJames & Dakota Collum
2012 -2013
  • Champions.... Jesse DeJames, Cody Cochran, Ty Murray and Gabe Bobbitt
  • 2nd-Will Moon, Jacob Seymour, Landon Jones, Jacob Lively & Elias Ferguson
  • 3rd-Dustin Byers, Andrew Young, Austin Seymour, Ryan Seymour & Cade Grinstead
  • 4th- Tanner Mahoney & Kade Baker
  • Champions... Jesse DeJames, Cody Cochran and Dustin Byers
  • 2nd- Ty Murray, Ryan Seymour, Rocco Cash, Kyle Hobdy, Jadon Cali
  • 3rd- Raji Brown & Jacob Seymour
  • 4th- Kadry Shaddix
2014 -2015
  • Champions... Robinson
  • 2nd- Dustin Byers, Ty Murray and Blaine Bergey
  • 3rd- Chase Keller, Melvin Whitehead, Ryan Seymour and Landon Jones
  • 4th- Andrew Young


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